Aalborg University

Available Courses/Faculties:


Applied Industrial Electronics, Art & Technology, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Economics and Business Administration, IT, Communication and New Media, Language and International Studies, Manufacturing and Operations Engineering, Media, Robotics, Sustainable Biotechnology


Architecture, MSc. In Technology, Architecture, MSc In Engineering, Autonomous Systems, Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Building Energy Design, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science (IT), Construction Management and Building Informatic, Control and Automation, Culture, Communication and Globalization, Design of Mechanical Systems, Development and International Relations, Economics, Economics and Business Administration, Electro-Mechanical System Design, Energy Engineering, Entrepreneurial Engineering, Environmental Science, MSc In Technology, European Studies, Geography, Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering, Industrial Design, MSc In Engineering, Industrial Design, MSc In Technology, Information Architecture, Information Studies, Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship, Integrated Food Studies, Intelligent Reliable Systems, IT Design and Application Development, Lighting Design, Management in The Building Industry, MSc In Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Materials Technology, Mechanical Design, Medialogy, Medicine with Industrial Specialization, Nanobiotechnology, Nanomaterials and Nanophysics, Networks and Distributed Systems, Oil and Gas Technology, Operations and Innovation Management, MSc In Engineering, Operations and Innovation Management, MSc In Technology, Operations and Management Engineering, MSc In Engineering, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Risk and Safety Management, Service Systems Design, Signal Processing and Acoustics, Sound and Music Computing, Structural and Civil Engineering, Structural and Civil Engineering, Surveying, Planning and Land Management, Surveying, Planning and Land Management, MSc In Technology, Sustainable Biotechnology, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Techno-Anthropology, Tourism, Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning, Urban Design, MSc. In Technology, Urban Design, MSc In Engineering, Vision, Graphics and Interactive Systems, Water and Environmental Engineering.

Intake(s): Application generally opens 6 (six) months before the deadline of the respective courses.
Deadline(s) : March 15 (Bachelors), October 15 (February intake), March 1 (September)
Average tuition fees : DKK 44,000 to DKK 92,500
Location : Fredrik Bajers Vej 5, 9100 Aalborg, Denmark
Entry pre-requisite :

1. Completion of Higher Secondary Certificate Examination
2. A Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution corresponding to at least 180 credits
3. Engllish proficiency: IELTS - 6.5 to 7.0, Danish Language Proficiency - Level B1