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VISAThing for Student is an Educational Consulting Firm which is specialized for providing customized services to the students who pursue higher education to offbeat countries specially for those which have no embassy in Bangladesh.

Why do you need VISAThing for Student?

If you are aspiring for a rewarding career, it is quintessential to have a world-class degree for the implementation of your career plans. It would be greater if you can achieve a degree from the countries like UK, USA or Canada. But the immigration rules of these countries are getting strict day by day specially for the students from this sub-continent and the expense of those countries is not affordable for all students. Taking the circumstances into consideration, VISAThing for Student started their journey to unlock an opportunity for the countries like Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Luxembourg, Lithuania etc. Despite the lower expenses of these countries, they offer world recognized degrees in most of their universities.

We offer different kinds of services to the students from where they can get assistance as per their exact need. We assist students on selecting the right course and university based on their academic background, university admission, booking appointment at the embassy, visa application and submission at the embassy where in person application is not required.


Arranging offer letter from foreign universities and applying for visa is not an easy task. It is much more difficult when the university is from non-English speaking countries and the embassy where you are applying for is located at the third country. You have to arrange a third country’s visa before applying for country where you are destined to. There might have chances to miss the deadline for not knowing the proper application system. Because, to arrange different countries visa consecutively is somewhat difficult and confusing. Apart from this, applying in foreign universities of offbeat countries is a bit critical as the universities offer different types of courses to different nationalities and sometimes their application process is mostly divided by the region. From a wide range of courses, most students cannot choose the right course which is suitable for them.

Our function is to select the right institution and course as appropriate to the applicant’s profile and to provide a complete support for visa where the reasons of visa refusal could be minimized at a maximum level.  

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